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Do you need video? Or would you just like to have a visual record of your time spent in the studio? Well, we can do that for you.

From the more involved, "official videos", to simpler in-studio performances, we can put something together a high quality, multi-camera video shoot that you'll love and doesn't break the bank.


Light of Things Brett Kull
Three Walls Brett Kull
Hand Me Down Winston's Dog
Hairless Winston's Dog
No Answers (Promo) Tiras Buck
Prayers Rise Twain
Inferno Drop Anchor
Sabine Clinton Benoit
Black Eyed Susans Valdez

Live Streams

Peter Errich
John Thomas
Mitch Linker
Katie Barbato
Dear Forbidden

Recorded Performances

Dublin Rooftops Brett Kull
Can't Put a Price on Love Dan Chamberlin
Sally Won't Remember Simon Godfrey (Valdez)


Lock Up the Liquor Promo Little Red Rooster Blues Band
Album Session Promo Little Red Rooster Blues Band