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Hand made guitar pedals, built with care, right here in North Wales, PA

Longshoe (Tone Bender Mk1/Zonk)

Land Is Fuzz (Fuzz Face)

Boost (Treble Boost)



A Tone Bender Mk 1/type fuzz
We really like the Mk 1 Tone Bender.  Like, really like it. It's raw, simple, has lots of treble/midrange bite and gobs of volume on tap. The Mk 1 blurs the line between fuzz and distortion and that's why it's awesome.

We added some things
It started when we added a control for the gate, but not an "on/off" switch, we wanted the in-between sounds. Then we thought it would be nice to have a pre-gain trim so you could control how "bloomy" the fuzz gets (or not) when hitting it hard, or with higher output pickups. To help shape the treble response, we added a tone control and high-cut switch. This helps us to be friends with a bunch of different amps, regardless of how bright or dark they were. To finish it off, there's a Mk 1/Zonk input cap switch (Spectrum) that can change the character of the fuzz and allow for brighter/darker pickups.

Land Is Fuzz

The smiley-face fuzz made popular by, well, everyone
From Hendrix to Gilmour, from Eric Johnson to Marc Ford. The sound of a good FF is hard to beat, but here's something people don't tell you about them -- they're more like instruments than effects. It's a cooperative effort and it takes work, but it's super rewarding when you make friends with one.

Our take on this classic two-transistor fuzz
Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. We added some controls to increase flexibility with different guitars and amps. A pre-gain input trim to control how hard you hit the fuzz, a bias knob to find the sweet spot, and a range control to sculpt the appropriate amount of low-end, before the fuzz. A simple but effective accomplice in all things guitar (or bass, or keyboard).

Treble Boost

Fence (RM-style boost)

How can a handful of parts be so versatile?
Using a treble boost is like adding second channel to an already great sounding tube amp. A must-have for any guitarist, more-so if you love rock guitar. It's a classic for a reason.

The best dirt overdrive and the cleanest of cleans with the same pedal settings (really)
Using the Fence to get gain tones makes sense, but did you know that you can get the cleanest cleans with one two? Like a Fuzz Face, when the Fence is the first in line (after your guitar), when you roll down your guitar volume the boost cleans up -- and because of the interaction with your guitar it gets sparkly. We like to roll off the volume on a neck pickup and go full on with the bridge. You can go from funk-clean to roaring single note lines with just using your pickup selector.

Let's throw in some extra knobs
The big one sets the volume, and since we had the room (and because our other pedals have knobs on their sides) we added two more. One to dial in the amount of low-end (Range) and another for setting the overall gain (Saturation).